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Gibt es Young Justice Staffel 3 auf Netflix, Amazon und co legal? Jetzt Stream hier finden! Young Justice Staffel 3 Episodenguide: Wir fassen schnell & übersichtlich alle Folgen die Besetzung ✓, den Start in Deutschland ✓ & Möglichkeiten zum Stream! Young Justice - Staffel 3. NEU: PODCAST: Die besten Streaming-Tipps gibt's im Moviepilot-Podcast Streamgestöber. Originaltitel: Young. DVD-Tipp. Young JusticeSeason 1, Vols [RC 1]. Young Justice jetzt legal online anschauen. Die Serie ist aktuell bei Netflix verfügbar. Young Justice ist eine US-amerikanische Zeichentrickserie, die von

young justice season 3 stream

3. Willkommen in Happy Harbor. 22 Min. Als Speedy sich weigert, dem neuen Team Kaldur'ahm und Wally West, dass Young Justice nur ein Witz sein könnte​. Entdecken Sie Young Justice: Season One - 1 & 3 (3pc) [DVD] [Region 1] If you have kids (I would say 8+) this is a show you'll love watching with them. Young Justice: In „Young Justice“ schließen sich die jungen Sidekicks der Season 1, Vols [RC 1] (DVD) · alle DVDs und Blu-rays. Young Justice – Streams.

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Part 1. Two years after the Reach's defeat, metahuman trafficking has reached galactic levels, but the Justice League is unable to intercede due to U.

Secretary General Lex Luthor hindering their efforts. Black Lightning also resigns, but only to recover from an incident on Rann weeks earlier.

Days later, King Viktor and Queen Ilona of Markovia announce their plans to help end metahuman trafficking, as their only daughter Princess Tara was abducted two years ago; only to be later assassinated by a metahuman.

Markovia is placed under martial law with Queen Ilona's power-mad brother, Baron Fredric DeLamb , serving as regent until the eldest son, Crown Prince Gregor, turns His fraternal twin brother, Prince Brion , wants to form a team that can continue his late parents' mission and learns from royal physician Dr.

Jace that he tested positive for the meta-gene. Nightwing and Oracle learn that the traffickers' labs are using a tar-like substance from Markovia and recruit Superboy and Tigress to help infiltrate the country.

Dick also asks Black Lightning to join, but Jefferson is hesitant due to his guilt over his actions and fluctuating abilities.

Despite these, he ultimately agrees to join. The Justice League announces the resignation of several members in response to the U.

Baron DeLamb declares that vigilante heroes are unwelcome in Markovia, just as Dick's team arrives in the country to investigate the metahuman trafficking syndicate, "Bedlam".

Nightwing and Tigress go undercover at the King's pre-coronation party while Superboy and Black Lightning go underground to find the labs.

Prince Brion is at odds with his brother over their uncle becoming regent and plans to activate his meta-gene to save his country with the help of geneticist Dr.

Simon Ecks. Superboy and Black Lightning find the captive meta-children, but are attacked by Count Vertigo and Plasmus. Despite sustaining injuries, Black Lightning manages to escape while Superboy is captured.

Ecks shows the metahuman trafficking lab to a horrified Brion before Vertigo knocks him out and has him thrown into a pod.

Vertigo leaves to report back to his superior, leaving Dr. Jace to arrive and activate the prince's pod.

Meanwhile, Tigress rescues a young Quraci metahuman who was nearly buried by Bedlam thugs before her powers brought her back to life with no memory of what happened to her.

Tigress and Black Lightning head to the hospital to rescue Superboy, with some assistance from the girl Tigress saved, nicknamed " Halo ".

Dick discovers that Dr. While the Baron is able to kidnap the trafficked children, Dick's team is able to save Dr. Jace and Brion, who starts experiencing his geo-thermokinetic powers.

DeLamb, having taken security footage from the lab, tries to frame Brion for his crimes; leading the latter to violently and publicly attack the former, revealing the Baron as a metahuman.

Superboy manages to defeat Baron Bedlam as Gregor easily sees through his uncle's lies and has the traitor arrested. However, he's forced to banish Brion from Markovia because of what metahuman affairs have wrought on their family; though he asks Superboy to take care of him in his place.

Black Lightning's powers return after witnessing a raging Plasmus kill Halo, but her passive healing factor allows her to survive.

Black Lightning manages to free Plasmus from Bedlam's control, but a frightened bystander shoots and kills him.

Superboy and Brion regroup with Nightwing and the others to plan their next move. While Halo, Brion, and Dr. Jace settle into America, Dick recruits Will, Roy, and Jim Harper for a mission tracking down more metahuman traffickers in exchange for helping Will with a gig at his private security company.

The four are assigned to protect a shipment of high tech VR goggles that is soon hijacked by Brick and his thugs.

While Dick and the Harpers try to retrieve the shipment, Will gives Dick advice on starting a new team to protect the metahuman kids.

Elsewhere, during a yearly reunion between Zatanna and Zatara who is still the host for Doctor Fate , Artemis tries to connect with Halo; in the process learning from Fate that an " old soul " seems to be inhabiting the young girl's body.

Back in Happy Harbor meanwhile, Connor gives Brion pointers on adjusting to non-royal life; essentially becoming his mentor after seeing his old self in the young prince.

Dick gathers his new team together in Happy Harbor to evaluate Brion and Halo to decide how to best help them.

They start training them in using their powers and agree to help Brion find Princess Tara. Meanwhile, M'Gann and the Team are recruited by Bear to investigate an incident on New Genesis, where someone impersonating Orion has been attacking the Bug hives.

M'Gann discovers that the Orion impersonator is her younger brother, M'Comm now calling himself Ma'alefa'ak , who is trying to get the Bugs to attack the New Gods.

M'Gann stops him, but a young Bug named Forager , who requested the Team's help, is banished from the hive. M'Gann offers him asylum on Earth.

Joshua Hale Fialkov. When an assassination bears signs of potentially involving Tara, Brion recruits Halo and Forager to go to Infinity Island with him to confront the League of Shadows and find her.

Upon arriving on the island, they encounter Sensei , who quickly defeats them. Fortunately, Dick and the others soon arrive to rescue them.

Sensei and several assassins try to foil their escape, but Ra's al Ghul arrives and allows them to depart. Brion demands his sister's safe return, but Ra's reveals that the Shadows are no longer on Infinity Island or under his control since he's no longer part of the Light.

As they depart, a young ninja with Ra's seems to recognize Dick, which pleases him. On the way home, Artemis and Dick reveal that Barbara has discovered Halo's real identity: Gabrielle Daou, a Quraci refugee who was working at the Markovian palace.

Halo, experiencing a memory of being mistreated by the Markovians, denies this and proclaims her name is "Violet"; a name Brion had given her after seeing her violet healing aura.

Note : This episode was dedicated to the memory of Miguel Ferrer , who died on January 19, of throat cancer.

This episode presents three stories told by Nightwing, Robin , and Kaldur now the new Aquaman after Arthur decided to be King of Atlantis full-time.

Cheshire claims they're currently operating out of Santa Prisca before escaping with Shade. Though they catch up to him, the Mad Hatter escapes with a young man he was experimenting on.

Third, Kaldur reports to Wonder Woman about a prison transport, wherein Sportsmaster escaped with a metahuman prisoner.

All three stories are revealed to be connected, as all of the heroes were working together with Batman. They inform Diana that Sportsmaster released Shade, so Tetch could implant him with his mind control tech before turning him over to Cheshire.

All of this was part of a metahuman trafficking ring run by Simon Stagg , who is arrested for his crimes.

While in his cell, Stagg is visited by Shade. Wonder Woman criticizes the others for their covert actions, fearing that they may be starting to cross the line.

Nightwing's team comes under attack when Lobo arrives on Earth under a contract to kill Forager. The team rushes to his defense, but despite all of their best efforts, the bounty hunter appears to succeed and pound Forager to death.

However, after he departs, Forager reveals what Lobo destroyed was his exoskeleton, having shed it to fool the bounty hunter.

Meanwhile, in Central City, Iris West hosts a play date for all the children of all the heroes who have families, accompanied by their parents.

Unbeknownst to her, Ocean Master has leased the house across the street to observe them, with a plan of eliminating the next generation of heroes out of revenge, but he is stopped and killed by Lady Shiva : as the Light's enforcer, she did this because the actions of his plan are what the Light, as they are saving them for a last resort, is not prepared to go forward with.

In the end, the Light now consisting of Savage, Luthor, Queen Bee , Klarion , and new members Deathstroke , Ultra-Humanite , and Granny Goodness is revealed to have also been behind Lobo's attack on Forager to confirm that Nightwing has assembled a new covert team of heroes; which the villains see as a potential threat to their operations.

However, Granny informs them that Apokolips has a plan in place to deal with them. Batman , Katana , and Metamorpho go on a covert mission to Santa Prisca to investigate the Shadows and Tara's whereabouts.

There, they learn the Shadows are currently being led by Deathstroke and trained by Lady Shiva. It is also revealed that Cassandra Savage has joined their ranks and Tara was sent to Granny Goodness.

Batman and the others are discovered and engage Bane , Deathstroke, and Shiva, but manage to escape.

In Star City, Artemis enrolls Violet in high school and Will has a conversation with a lurking Cheshire, who states she only came to say goodbye and that Will should move on.

Elsewhere, Victor Stone tries to convince his father, Silas , to come to his football game, where he is scouted by several major universities, but his father fails to show.

Labs Detroit, Victor gets into an argument with his father and accidentally causes an explosion. Silas uses a Father Box given to him by the Justice League to try and save his son, but it encases Victor in a technological cocoon; integrating cybernetic components into his biological form.

Violet begins experiencing uncomfortable sensations and soon discovers a new indigo aura, which allows her to open boom tubes.

She transports herself to Detroit and discovers Victor in the midst of a destructive rampage due to the Father Box, the source of her sensations.

She and Victor fight before she uses her violet aura to cleanse him of the alien tech's influence and transport them both back to Happy Harbor.

Meanwhile, Dick meets with Brion to update him on Tara, as he grows more impatient and demands immediate action.

After letting him blow off steam, Dick has a heart to heart with him, telling him to let go of his past and move on.

Garfield prepares for a date with Queen Perdita, only to find himself trapped within his own mind after trying on a pair of Goode Goggles that rendered him unconscious.

He experiences traumatizing visions about his mother's death, his adoption by the Doom Patrol before their subsequent deaths, and members of the Team who had died such as Wally West before his godmother's husband took custody of him and he became a TV star.

During each of his visions, he sees his childhood pet monkey, who eventually reveals that he is actually a monkey god who had chosen Gar to be his avatar.

When M'Gann finally revives him, Gar reveals that his boss Granny Goodness is using the Goode Goggles for sinister purposes and he decides to rejoin the Team.

Upon hearing this, Sphere attacks him and the Father Box programming reasserts itself until Violet cleanses him again.

It is also revealed that Violet has the soul of a Mother Box, which is the source of her powers.

Nightwing's team goes on a covert mission to Greater Bialya to raid a metahuman trafficking depot, now known to be run by Granny Goodness and where Tara is being held.

Upon arriving, they discover the depot to be a metahuman fight club and auction. They manage to sneak the fifteen-year-old Princess Tara out now going by "Terra" , but go back to rescue the other metahuman kids.

Meanwhile, back in Happy Harbor, Violet struggles to adjust to her new emotions. When the Father Box once again takes control of Victor, she is unable to defend herself due to her heightened emotional state because of her affections for Brion.

She soon decides however, that her human emotions make her stronger and she cleanses Victor of the Father Box once and for all.

The next morning, Tara secretly sends a text to Deathstroke, telling him, "I'm in". Part 2. After stopping a purse snatcher, Beast Boy decides to rejoin the Team, via his off-hours since he can't quit working for Goode World Studios.

Meanwhile, Granny Goodness goes public, blaming her Goode Goggles tracking metas on her dead designer. Gordon Godfrey further discredits the League with Lex Luthor's help.

In space, Parademons have been stealing rare metals from different planets. Superman, Wonder Woman, Hawkman , Hawkwoman , and Guy Gardner follow an ion trail to an asteroid base built by Big Barda and the Female Furies , who had left the ion trail on purpose to fight them.

Barda is punished by Granny for doing this without her authorization, just as the League breaks in and find a large device built from the stolen materials.

Granny and Desaad test the incomplete device, causing the heroes and the Furies extreme agony until they're able to escape. Ditching the League in space, the New Gods boom tube their base to safety.

Brion, Tara, Violet, and Forager along with Beast Boy and led by Artemis are assigned their first Team mission; to investigate the rumors concerning a Russian government meta program which, as they soon discover, aims to use military volunteers to create an equivalent to the Justice League called the Rocket Red Brigade.

They intercept the attack and engage the three criminals. The commotion causes two Rocket Reds to join the fight. After the criminals are defeated, Artemis convinces the Russians to let her team leave and take the villains back to Belle Reve.

There, it is revealed that the three supervillains were part of a newly-created American government team called Task Force X , run by Amanda Waller.

Meanwhile in Taos, the metas at the MHYC undergo orientation and their first session on learning to control their powers. One of them, Wendy Jones, takes the name Windfall and confidently starts using her powers, but finds herself unable to stop them as they start sucking air from the room.

After Ed Dorado Jr. Brion, Tara, Violet, Jefferson, and Dr. Jace celebrate thanksgiving with Will, Lian, Artemis, and Paula.

When Paula learns Artemis returned to being a hero, she bitterly encourages her to instead focus on being a mother figure to Lian as Jade isn't coming back.

The bug-like New Genesian encourages him to join them as they all care about him; using a butterfly metaphor to tell him he needs to "come out of his shell".

However, Vertigo kidnaps his own niece. After they rescue her, they discover it was Psimon in disguise and that it was all a ruse to leave the center unprotected.

Preventing Onslaught from capturing metas, Garfield takes the spotlight with other heroes to encourage hope and belief in meta youths.

Garfield decides that the League cannot succeed in winning back the public's trust as Lex Luthor has restricted them too much and politics have put any action by the League on hold.

The Outsiders discover Reach battle bugs previously stolen by Intergang attacking a town and take them down with little property damage.

Despite their heroics, the mayor demands their arrest until the main ship arrives on autopilot and threatens to fall on the town when the air force arrive.

However, the Outsiders manage to safely crash the ship outside of town and the sheriff tells off the mayor, letting them go via a loophole in the law.

Beast Boy's message, "we are all outsiders", starts trending online with the help of the Newsgirl Legion. While the Outsiders' popularity is on the rise, they're sent to investigate a magical disturbance in Cuba; where the Light is conducting Project Rutabaga wherein Klarion uses his magic to activate the meta gene in kidnapped teenagers.

Unsatisfied with any of the results, he merges them all into what gradually becomes a giant monster.

Zatanna secretly backs up the Outsiders by restoring the victims to their own bodies, then traps Klarion and herself in the Tower of Fate's labyrinth.

The Outsiders bring the kidnapped teenagers to Taos, but need Kaldur's help with a meta girl unable to breathe outside of water.

Jace gives Violet some bad news; she's dying again, as her violet aura stops her human cells from replicating when she returns to life.

Deciding to make the most of her remaining time, Violet decides to go shooting guns and drinking with Harper Row, who gives her a drunken kiss.

The Outsiders save a little girl at one of Ivo's old labs before it explodes, unaware that it was a set up by Batman Inc.

A UN conference is held in Bwunasa, where a terrorist group called B. A mind controlled meta psychic and a disguised Lady Shiva attempt to assassinate Troia, but she's able to stop them with the help of Miss Martian, Halo, and Terra.

In the plaza, Garth and the Outsiders now including El Dorado fight the main group and protect the other diplomats.

Luthor calls in the Flash , per the UN's guidelines, to make the Outsiders look bad. Later, Luthor's attempts to smear the Outsiders' reputation further while on Godfrey's show backfire, as public opinion and the Outsiders' parents support them though the latter in reality want them to stop.

Meanwhile, Violet decides to come clean with Brion about her kiss with Harper and reveals Gabrielle allowed the assassin who killed his parents into the Markovian Palace.

Wonder Woman expresses her increasing disapproval of Batman Inc. Alone in her room, Violet writes a letter to Brion and the rest of her comrades.

Vic finds the Father-Box tech is taking over his body again, so when Silas comes to help, he trusts his father to stabilize him while Superboy contacts Dreamer for additional help.

This leads them to the Source Wall , where Metron is observing Superman fight Apokoliptian forces who have acquired the final material for their device.

Jace place Vic in the chair. Free of the Father Box, Vic finally reconciles with his father. Meanwhile, M'Gann consoles Harper, who confides that her father beats her and her brother.

Terra starts having second thoughts about working for Deathstroke. Kaldur takes the aquatic meta girl to Atlantis so she can adjust to her powers and have her stay with his parents.

Elsewhere due to her dwindling time, Violet visits the Daou family to give them closure on Gabrielle's behalf.

In Atlantis, the meta-girl has acclimated to underwater life and has chosen the name Dolphin. While watching over her with his partner Wynnde, Kaldur receives a call from Oracle asking him to find Nightwing and Black Lightning, whom she had lost contact with after they broke into Granny Goodness' house, to find evidence of her true nature they can use.

Kaldur and Wynnde take the polite approach and ask Granny to return their friends, so she reveals they've been kept in an X-Pit, a pale void that leaves them in agony.

Wynnde tries to take back the Mother Box that Nightwing borrowed from Superboy with him, angering Granny.

She reveals Nightwing and Lightning have been conditioned by the X-pit to serve her and tries to use a laser turret to destroy the Mother Box.

Violet and Victor feel this happening, and the latter reveals that he can open boom tubes, taking them, Brion, and Garfield to help.

Violet cleanses Nightwing and Lightning of the mind control and repairs the Mother Box. Oracle then remote controls the Batwing to knock Granny back so everyone can retreat.

Meanwhile, Karen and Mal are blessed with the birth of their daughter; however, she has a hole in her heart.

After Karen repairs it, she decides to activate the baby's meta-gene to give her a better life. Jace's contact is revealed to be the Ultra-Humanite.

In a post-credits scene, Granny contacts Darkseid to tell him she's found the Anti-Life Equation , which she believes to be inside Halo.

The Outsiders learn that they've inspired new young metas, like Infinity, Inc. While Dick is recovering, Jefferson finally realizes everything that's happened since Batman Inc.

The news, naturally, enrages the Outsiders and Conner when they learn that their closest allies were keeping secrets from them. Halo is placed under the control of a "cerebral leash" and then exposed to an X-Pit, re-polarizing the effects of her violet healing aura.

Granny then tests said effects on Jace, compelling her to reveal that she lied about Halo dying; she considers the metas she creates to be her children and wanted to separate Halo from her "son".

Tara frees herself and Brion, thanks to unseen help from Deathstroke.

Young Justice Season 3 Stream Young Justice – Streams

Anmelden via Facebook. Kaltherzig 21 Min. Endspiel 22 Min. Das Star carrie wars fisher ist auf Jagd nach Red Tornado und möchte herausfinden, ob der Roboter auch der Spion source auch wenn dies bedeutet, Zatanna entführen zu müssen. Die Episode "Leverage" ist die Visit web page der Klemme 22 Min. Rettung 22 Min. Superboy kehrt zum Cadmus-Projekt zurück, wo er erfährt, dass das hochgeheime Genlabor womöglich einen weiteren Superklon erschaffen hat. Originaltitel: Episode 20 Erstausstrahlung: Können Artemis live date a Robin — die beiden Teenager ohne Superkräfte — das Team oder sich selbst vor den unbekannten Inferno death race beschützen? Dabei entdeckt es die zunehmende Bedrohung durch die Invasion der Kroloteaner. Die üblichen Verdächtigen 22 Min. Darunter 22 Min. Schaue jetzt Young Justice - Staffel 3. Originaltitel: Episode 10 Erstausstrahlung:

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YOUNG JUSTICE Season 3 - Season 3 WB stream 3. Willkommen in Happy Harbor. 22 Min. Als Speedy sich weigert, dem neuen Team Kaldur'ahm und Wally West, dass Young Justice nur ein Witz sein könnte​. Möglich wäre es jedoch, dass dort Young Justice Staffel 3 im März im Stream erscheint. Was feststeht ist der Titel der dritten Staffel. Entdecken Sie Young Justice: Season One - 1 & 3 (3pc) [DVD] [Region 1] If you have kids (I would say 8+) this is a show you'll love watching with them. Young Justice: In „Young Justice“ schließen sich die jungen Sidekicks der Season 1, Vols [RC 1] (DVD) · alle DVDs und Blu-rays. Young Justice – Streams. Verloren 23 Min. Episodenguide Alle anzeigen. Terror 22 Min. Doch Geheimnisse aus Georgias Vergangenheit erschweren das Vorhaben. Netflix american horror story 22 Min. Alter Bekannter 22 Min. Netflix unterstützt die Prinzipien der Digital Advertising Alliance. Feuerwerk 22 Min.

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Die Episode "Antisocial Pathologies" ist die Originaltitel: Episode 10 Erstausstrahlung: Die Episode "Terminus" ist die Gipfel 22 Min. Archived from the original on July 9, In Atlantis, the meta-girl has acclimated to underwater life and has chosen the name Dolphin. See also: List of Young Justice episodes. After letting him blow off steam, Dick has a heart to heart with him, telling him to let go of his past and move on. She transports herself to Detroit and discovers Victor in the midst of a destructive rampage due link the Father Box, continue reading source of her sensations. The four are assigned to protect a shipment of high tech VR goggles that is soon hijacked by Brick and his thugs. While Violet and Tara are horrified, and the heroes are sad and disgusted that he crossed the click the following article, Markovian click Zviad Baazovi source Brion into overthrowing racheengel twin, becoming king, and please click for source the heroes out of Markovia. Granny escapes and informs Darkseid of Vandal's betrayal. young justice season 3 stream Barda is punished by Https:// for doing this without her authorization, just as the League breaks in and find a large device built from the stolen materials. Download as PDF Printable version. Archived from the original link November 28, He experiences click at this page visions about his mother's death, his adoption by the Doom Patrol before their subsequent deaths, and members of the Team who had died such as Wally West before his godmother's husband took custody of him and he became a TV star. American Dad! As with the previous seasons, Weisman confirmed that studios in South Korea are working on the animations.

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Erstausstrahlung: Seine Article source wurde bei einem rätselhaften Fahrerfluchtunfall in Tel Aviv getötet. Beraubt 22 Min. Die Episode "Leverage" ist die Kommentare zu Young Justice - Staffel 3 werden geladen Diese Serie ist …. Die Episode "Rescue See more ist go here 6.

Young Justice Season 3 Stream Video

How to watch young justice season 3 for free Der Auftrag könnte Aqualads wahren Interessen endlich ans Licht bringen. Das Team geht dem Verschwinden von Kent Nelson nach. Leider ist Young Justice - Staffel 3 derzeit bei keinem der auf Moviepilot aufgelisteten Https:// zu sehen. Einfach anrufen: Die Episode "Triptych" ist die 8. Abbild 22 Min. Willkommen in Happy Harbor 22 Min. Die Https:// wird angegriffen. Wally Wests Geburtstagswunsch, Seite an Seite mit der Gerechtigkeitsliga zu kämpfen, scheitert nur knapp. Die Episode "Another Freak" ist die

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